Where it all began

Songwriter, Artist, Simply, Candice of Jacksonville, Florida, comes to the music scene using a unique flair of spoken song.

Simply, Candice performs her poetic songs at various events and is also a radio and television personality of The Radio Live Show in New York and Florida, and a local TV series, The Love Jones Café.

Simply, Candice an English Teacher says that she realized her destiny reached farther than teaching just what was in the textbooks. Teaching inmates in jails and juvenile detention programs motivated her to find her purpose to uplift humanity with a message of peace.

Writing lyrics from the heart of her pain, struggles and tears and of facing a near death experience, Simply, Candice says she dreams that her testimonies will uplift spirits to seek change.

On a quest from the classroom to the studio, Simply, Candice is driven to spread a message through song. Simply Candice, straight from the heart of a lioness gives you music to inspire your soul, with a message to change your heart.